The Coaching Business in a Box

Get Access to $21,500 Worth of Proven Plug-n-Play Templates for Just $47

The Coaching Business in a Box

Get Access to $21,500 Worth of Proven Plug-n-Play Templates for Just $47

What’s Included:

  • Ready-Made Client Attraction Website with 1-Click Editing
  • Battle-Tested Contracts and Legal Templates So You’re Always Protected
  • Plug-n-Play Social Media, Content, Email Signature, and Branding Templates
  • ​🏆Bonus: The Ultimate 6-Figure Coaching Business Plan for Any Coaching Niche

We Know How Frustrating It Is

Juggling All The Roles In Your Business as a Starting Coach

You're not just a coach, you're also a business owner, a marketer, a web designer, a legal expert, and a social media manager.

Each of these roles coming with their own demands and complexities…

You’ve started your coaching business, only to realize you need a professional website that communicates your brand and your unique coaching approach…

Then there's the mind-boggling maze of legal documentation - contracts, agreements, onboarding forms, you name it…

The constant need to be 'visible' on social media, crafting the perfect post that strikes a chord with your target audience...

All these tasks consume your time and energy, leaving you with little to focus on what you really love - coaching and helping people.

You feel spread too thin, burnt out, lost in a sea of tasks that seem endless and insurmountable – and worst of all, none of these are why you got into coaching.

That’s Why We Created the Biz in a Box to Help You

Build The Business Side of Your Coaching Career With Ease

The Biz in a Box will be your treasure trove of tried and tested plug-and-play templates that you can use anytime.

No more hours wasted trying to build a website from scratch - you'll have access to proven coaching website templates, which you can install with just a few clicks.

No need to hire a lawyer for thousands of dollars to draw up your legal documents - we've got all the coaching and business legal templates you could ever need.

Even social media will be a breeze with our fill-in-the-blank photo and post templates.

With these templates, you get to skip the frustration.

No more confusion. No more wasted time and money.

Just a clear, fast-tracked pathway to launching and growing your coaching business.

And above all, the freedom to focus away from the business side…

To what you truly love, coaching and making a difference in people's lives.


The Coaching Business in a Box!

👇 Here’s What You Get Inside:

1. Proven Coaching Website Templates with ”2-Clicks” Editing

(Cost of a Website with a Designer: $5,000+)

Launching your coaching website is now as easy as ordering coffee.

Welcome to our Proven Coaching Website Templates, where you get a website custom-tailored for your needs in just 2 clicks.

So if you’re tired of dealing with complex website builders or paying hefty sums to designers…

We've got your solution.

Our templates are are crafted specifically to convert your website visitors into paying coaching clients.

And here's the beautiful part:

With our "2-Clicks" editing system, all you need to do is fill out a simple form where you tell us what kind of website you’d like....

Then our automated AI systems will BUILD it for you!

And just like that, we'll create your very own professional coaching website.

You can customize each template effortlessly to reflect your unique coaching style and taste.

You can change colors, layouts, and text with ease... all without touching a line of code.

All because your website is your coaching business's digital face.

It's what potential clients see first, and it makes a world of difference in their decision to work with you.

Our Proven Coaching Website Templates will give you a compelling, client-converting digital front right from the start.

2. All The Coaching Business Legal Templates You Could Ever Need

(Fees to Create Your Legal Docs with a Lawyer: $3,000+)

What's the point of being your own boss if it's weighed down by legal headaches?

Navigating the world of legal documents can feel like walking through a minefield.

Especially when you're just starting…

But the truth is, having your legal affairs in order is crucial for your coaching business.

From client onboarding forms, non-disclosure agreements, contracts, and disclaimers to data protection agreements, we've got you covered.

Why pay thousands of dollars for legal professionals when you can simply use our pre-made, customizable templates?

It's as easy as filling in the blanks and signing your name.

These templates have been meticulously crafted by experts in the field and tested in real-world scenarios.

With these templates at your fingertips, you can focus on what you do best – transforming lives through your coaching.

You can stay protected, save time, and avoid unnecessary legal expenses, all with our Coaching Business Legal Templates.

3. Fill-In-The-Blank Photo and Post Templates for Social Media

(Cost of Hiring a Social Media Manager: $3,000 / month)

Ever spent countless hours staring at a blank screen trying to create a social media post that doesn't sound like a broken record?

Our Fill-In-The-Blank Photo and Post Templates for Social Media are here to save the day!

Social media presence is no longer optional.

It's vital for your brand's visibility, especially in today’s crowded coaching space.

But what if you're not an expert in designing eye-catching graphics or writing compelling captions?

Imagine having ready-made templates at your fingertips, designed specifically to attract potential clients to your Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn pages.

Our social media templates are scientifically engineered based on principles of proven social media marketing strategies.

Simply choose a template, fill in the blanks with your unique voice, and voila – you have a tailor-made, professionally designed post ready to engage your audience and boost your visibility.

These templates are about driving action.

With the right visuals and compelling captions, you'll transform casual scrollers into eager clients ready to learn from you.

Ditch the content creation burnout. Make every post count.

Let our Social Media Templates do the heavy lifting while you focus on sharing your coaching expertise with the world.

4. Professionally Designed Email Signature Template

(Cost of Hiring a Designer For Your Email Signature: $500)

Are you still signing off your emails with a plain "Best, [Your Name]"?

It's time to step up your email game with our Professionally Designed Email Signature Template.

In the professional world, attention to detail matters – and your email signature is a detail that's often overlooked too often.

But imagine if every email you sent could subtly reinforce your brand, create a professional image, and provide recipients with easy access to your contact details and social media platforms.

That's exactly what our Professionally Designed Email Signature Template is here to do.

And this isn't just any template. It's been meticulously designed by branding experts, ensuring it not only looks clean and professional but also aligns with your coaching brand's image.

With a few clicks, you can customize it with your name, title, contact details, logo, and links to your social media platforms.

The result? A sleek, professional email signature that leaves a lasting impression, builds credibility and ensures you're just a click away for anyone reading your emails.

Every time you send an email, you're essentially advertising your coaching services.

Your emails will never be the same again.

5. Bonus: Plug-N-Play Coaching Business Plan Template!

(The Price of Hiring a Consultant for Your Business Plan: $10,000+)

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the thought of writing a business plan?

Are you unsure of where to start, what to include, or how to structure it?

Then you’ll love Our Plug-N-Play Coaching Business Plan Template!

This business plan template is a roadmap designed specifically for coaches like you, and it's here to take you from feeling lost and overwhelmed to having a clear, concise, and actionable plan for your business.

Every part of this template has been designed with the coaching business in mind.

It covers all the key aspects you need to consider, including your target market, marketing strategies, financial projections, and more.

And the best part? It's fully customizable.

You can quickly and easily plug in your unique information, adjust it to your needs, and voila – you'll have a professional, comprehensive business plan ready to impress potential partners, investors, or just to keep you focused and on track.

But it doesn't stop there.

This template is not just a document; it's a strategic tool that will help you visualize your business's future, identify potential hurdles, set goals, and strategize on how to achieve them.

Think of our Plug-N-Play Coaching Business Plan Template as the GPS for your coaching business.

It provides you with the direction and guidance you need to navigate your way to success.

So, why struggle when you don't have to? Let our template do the heavy lifting for you.

Everything You're Getting When You Sign Up For
The Biz in a Box:

Proven Coaching Website Templates with ”2-Clicks” Editing

(Valued at $5,000+)

All The Coaching Business Legal Templates You Could Ever Need

(Valued at $3,000+)

Fill-In-The-Blank Photo and Post Templates for Social Media

(Normally $3,000 / Month)

Professionally Designed Email Signature Template

(Valued at $500)

Bonus: Plug-N-Play Coaching
Business Plan Template!

(Valued at $10,000+)

A Total of $21,500

All of This For Just a Low Price of $47!

Get The Coaching Business in a Box Now!

Coach Foundation Has Been Featured In:

Hey There, I’m Sai Blackbryn!

I’m the Founder of Coach Foundation, and
I Created the Biz in a Box for YOU…

I began my journey as a lifestyle coach back in 2011, soon growing my venture to become West Australia's largest relationship coaching business.

Today, I'm on a mission to normalize coaching and impact over a million people through the coaches I train and mentor.

Through Coach Foundation, I've transformed the careers of 200+ coaches, all of whom have now built prosperous, successful coaching careers across diverse industries.

But here's the thing. I remember what it felt like to start a coaching business.

The overwhelm, the confusion, the list of tasks that seemed to grow every day. And that's precisely why I created the Biz in a Box.

I’ve experienced firsthand how frustrating it is to juggle all the responsibilities you need to handle in your business as a coach.

Website creation, social media management, client acquisition, legalities - the list goes on and on.

That's where the Biz in a Box comes in.

I've created this solution as your one-stop shop, your trusted companion in your journey of building your coaching business.

It’s packed with everything you need to launch and grow your coaching business - website templates, legal templates, business plan templates, and much more.

I've used my years of experience in the industry and the lessons I’ve learned from my own journey, as well as coaching hundreds of clients to put this package together…

It’s like a distilled version of everything I’ve learned throughout my past decade in the coaching industry, and now I want to hand it over to you.

As a coach, your focus should be on transforming lives.

Let the Biz in a Box handle the rest.

Remember, you're not alone in this journey – with the Biz in a Box, we’re helping you every step of the way!

At Coach Foundation, We’ve Worked With:

What Coaches Say About Coach Foundation:

"Most other gurus just repackage other people's stuff, but Coach Foundation and Sai are different. They are the real deal … they really care … and they almost have a secret weapon for getting clients!"

Jackie Woodside

TEDx Speaker, USA Today & Four-
Times Amazon Best-Selling Author

"Sai runs an organization that specializes in one thing: Helping coaches build their business … and he runs the Rolls Royce version of this! … I can't recommend anyone higher."

Gerard D'Onnovan

CEO Of the Award-Winning Noble Manhattan Coaching School

"Sai runs an organization that specializes in one thing: Helping coaches build their business … and he runs the Rolls Royce version of this! … I can't recommend anyone higher."

Peter Thomson

Best-Selling Author Of
5 Books

"I consider Launchpad a No BS coaching business Bible ... If I had this before I started, let's just say I would be twice further along than where I am today."

Chris Howard

Best Selling Author, $100 Million Dollar Coach

Ready to Kickstart Your Coaching Business?

Get The Coaching Business in a Box Now!

What People Are Saying About
The Biz in a Box:

"Before I got the Coaching Business in a Box, I felt overwhelmed and lost in my journey to becoming a coach. But this package gave me the guidance, resources, and tools I needed to truly flourish as a coach. I've already helped over 25 clients reach their personal and professional goals, and I'm just getting started! Thank you for changing my life!"

- Jennifer, Texas, USA

"Having dreamed of being a life coach for years, I was stuck on how to turn this vision into reality. The Biz in a Box gave me the knowledge, tools, and confidence to make my dream come true. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to kick-start their coaching career!"

- Paul, Dublin, Ireland

"I was nervous about starting a coaching business due to my lack of experience and knowledge. But Sai’s templates gave me everything I needed to feel assured and successful in my new endeavor. I've waved goodbye to my corporate career for good and I'm now fully invested in my thriving coaching business!"

- Rebecca, Leeds, UK

"I'm a busy mother and I doubted my ability to launch a coaching business while managing my family responsibilities. The Coaching Business in a Box, however, was a godsend. It gave me the resources and flexibility I needed to get my business up and running at my own pace. Today, I am the proud owner of a thriving coaching business that brought in over $160,000 last year!"

- Maria, Rome, Italy

For a Low Price of Only $47, You’re Getting:

Proven Coaching Website Templates with ”2-Clicks” Editing

(Valued at $5,000+)

All The Coaching Business Legal Templates You Could Ever Need

(Valued at $3,000+)

Fill-In-The-Blank Photo and Post Templates for Social Media

(Normally $3,000 / Month)

Professionally Designed Email Signature Template

(Valued at $500)

Bonus: Plug-N-Play Coaching
Business Plan Template!

(Valued at $10,000+)

A Total of $21,500

All of This For Just a Low Price of $47!


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Try the Biz in a Box, and if you don’t love it, keep it and you get your money back within 30 days!

No questions asked. No strings attached. No hassles.

Just email me at, and I’ll personally make sure that you get a full refund of the full $47 investment you paid.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don’t have enough time to set everything up?
The provided templates and step-by-step instructions make setting everything up a breeze.

We've designed these templates in a way to save you time, and not add to your workload.

For example, the "2-clicks" website builder is as easy as filling out a form and we do the heavy lifting for you.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Will this work for my particular niche?
Absolutely! The Coaching Business in a Box is built to be versatile and adapt to any coaching niche.

Whether you are into lifestyle, health, career, relationship coaching, or any other field, our resources can be tailored to suit your needs.

The tools and templates we provide are fundamentally about building a strong, profitable coaching business and can be customized for your specific audience.

What if I'm not very tech-savvy?
We've got you covered.

Our system is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward.

Even if you don't have a tech background, you can easily navigate through the various tools and templates we provide.

And our "2-Clicks" Editing system for the website builder is as simple as it sounds.

Additionally, our customer service team is always ready to assist you should you face any technical difficulties.

Can't I find these resources online for free?
While there are free resources available online, the quality, comprehensiveness, and reliability can vary greatly.

Plus, finding and vetting these resources could take up a lot of your time and energy.

With our Biz in a Box, we've done all that hard work for you.

You get access to high-quality, tried-and-tested resources in one place, allowing you to focus on building your coaching business rather than searching for tools.

How do I know if these templates are reliable?
The templates included in the Coaching Business in a Box have been carefully developed and tested by Sai Blackbyrn and our team at Coach Foundation.

Sai is a renowned coach with a wealth of experience and has trained and mentored many successful coaches.

These templates are born out of the best practices from the industry and have been successfully used by numerous coaches.

They are not just reliable but also effective in helping you build a thriving coaching business.

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