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  • Identify Profitable And Easy To Reach Coaching Niches In 2023-24 (taking into account how the landscape has changed due to corona)
  • Create Your First Signature Coaching Program which high-paying clients will find irresistible
  • ​Identify Which Of The 5 Proven 'Marketing Funnels' will work for you in 2023-24 to attract a consistent stream of high-paying clients online
  • ​and much, much more...

Normally $950Yours today: FREE

Results From People We've Worked With

Normally $950 Yours today: FREE

Who Is Sai Blackbyrn (and Coach Foundation)?

Our mission is to make coaching accessible to 2,000,000 people in the next 24 months through empowering coaches.

Coach Foundation has built multiple coaching businesses, the biggest one has gathered millions of followers on Facebook.

Coach Foundation has multiple LinkedIn groups totalling 200,000 members in the personal development space.

Sai Blackbyrn is a number 1 best-selling author in 9 countries across 17 categories.

Sai Blackbyrn - CEO, Coach LLC

Our Articles Have Been Featured In

One Of Our Forbes Features:

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Business To 6 Figures & Beyond...

If you’re new to coaching... or you’ve been doing it for a while but still struggle to get
a consistent flow of clients paying you what you want to be paid...

Then our LaunchPad program is the PERFECT fit for you.

When you join Launchpad free you'll be able to:

  • Find a consistent source of your target clients
  • Charge what you want to charge without the price being an issue
  • Do all of that, even if you’re new to coaching, you don’t like selling, or feeling inauthentic when building the business.

Who Is LaunchPad For - And For Whom It Isn’t...

This is what I call the Levels Of Coaching Sophistication Pyramid

If you’re in levels 1 - 5, you’re probably experiencing some of these:

1. You’re struggling to find your coaching niche

Do you want to serve absolutely everybody but are not sure where to start? Or are you struggling to get clients, because you’re not sure who to target or where to find them?

2. You know that your work is worth so much more than what you’re charging but you’re afraid of increasing your prices?

And even if you did increase your prices all of the clients that you have right now would leave?

3. Do you start off each month not knowing where to get clients?

4. Do you see other coaches succeed, and make the kind of impact and money that you want to make but have no idea how they’re doing it?

5. Are you getting overwhelmed with all of the technology that goes into building a coaching business these days?

Especially with the appearance of the coronavirus the coaching businesses who have thrived are the ones that function online.

6. Do you start off each month wondering where you’ll be finding your target clients?

7. Are you starting to lose the motivation that you started with when you entered the coaching space?

I want you to know that…

These Are Not The Real Problems, These Are The Symptoms...

If that is you, then LaunchPad will trigger insight after insight for you and get you to the point where you’re getting those 2 - 3 perfect clients on your calendar, day in day out like clockwork, without you having to search for them.

It’s frustrating, I get it.

Whatever road you do take, it’s filled with side roads, which get more and more confusing as you go further along.

And if you’re experiencing any of these, it’s not your fault. It’s probably pretty likely that you’re getting overwhelmed with all of the conflicting advice out there, and not knowing exactly what road to take.

How Can I Be Sure That This Is What’s Going To Help You Grow Your Coaching Business To 6 Figures & Beyond...

Forbes... or turn them best-selling authors in 9 countries... and build a thriving coaching business for them which consistently generates 6 - 9 high paying clients a month.
For example, we followed a recipe when we helped our clients get featured in

It's about following a recipe - miss a step and you'll end up with something that your dog wouldn’t even eat.

And after helping thousands of other coaches, I've come to realize that the coaching business is like baking a cake.

My name is Sai Blackbyrn, CEO of .Coach.

  • Believe it or not, we followed a recipe when we created the largest coaching blog online that gets over 10,000 readers a month.
  • We followed a recipe when we built our personal development coaching brand to millions of followers on Facebook.
  • And even when Forbes featured our coaching business, and how it grew and thrived, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, I didn't achieve all these things alone and I'll always be grateful to each one of my 34 team members for making it all a reality.
It wasn’t always like that.

It all started from very humble beginnings. For a long time, before I ever worked with coaches, I was a dating coach myself.

I was one of the pioneers of that industry in Australia, where eventually we built our company to western Australia’s largest dating coaching company.

Right now, I’m a husband and father, to a very cute, and very stubborn 2-year-old.
But having built several coaching businesses myself, from scratch, the ones that succeed follow a specific pattern.

And I’ve included the exact recipe in LaunchPad, which will get your business from where it is now, to having a consistent flow of clients paying you what you want to be paid.

But, before we go any further, I want to make something VERY clear…

This Is Not One Of Those “Get Rich Quick” Programs, Which Is Going To Promise To Make A Fortune From Doing Nothing...

You have to already either:

a) Be a coach, who’s great at what they do, or

b) Have just started as a coach who knows what they’re doing

And, most importantly, you are motivated by creating impact, and inspiring others. Not just making a quick buck.

If you can relate to any of these, then I can help.

You see, over the past few years, we’ve been selling this program for $950, and we’ve had over 1,460 coaches who have gone through it. I have had coaches in every possible industry you can dream of…

And that is important, because the content in the program, is being used right now in:

  • ​Hypnotherapy,
  • ​Life Coaching,
  • ​NLP,
  • ​Quit Smoking,
  • ​Fitness Coaching,
  • ​Wellness Coaching
  • ​Parenting Coaching,
  • ​Business Coaching,
  • ​Executive Coaching,
  • ​Even With Dance Coaching Niches.

I Needed A Comprehensive Training Program That Didn’t Just Work For General Life Coaches - I Needed Something Which Was Universal...

So over the years, I logged my coaches’ training sessions in a folder on my desktop called “Coach Training.”

We have literally spent 100’s of thousands of dollars testing many different ways to create a coaching business which within its first month starts bringing in clients. But most importantly will work in any coaching niche.

The program is split into 22 modules, and here’s what we’ve discovered in the last 4 years and 1,463 coaches that have gone through this program.

  • ​We’ve found 3 core belief systems that are the main cause of success in coaches that win. BUT if those same coaches exhibit these 4 pitfalls they will still fail.
  • ​Can you guess which ones and Why?. This comes in Module 6.

  • ​In Module 2 we’ll be covering how to identify a niche which is:
    a. Abundant in number and easy to reach,
    b. Willing to pay you what you want to be paid, and
    c. A niche which you’re passionate about.

  • ​I’m going to show you the ‘Coaching Business Blueprint’, which has allowed my clients to run their own ‘intro’ workshops, with up to 50 people a time in each of them. This is in module 11.

I got a coach called Jan Cross to implement this blueprint, and here were her results:

You can already see why this is so powerful.

Here is a little bit more I wanted to share with you.

  • ​Based on our own experience we’ve created a series of ‘done-for-you’ templates.

    These solve some of the issues at the core of most coaching businesses, which stop them from growing.

    You’ll be able to slot in your information into our ‘Coaching Bio’ template, and create a magnetic coaching profile within 5 minutes.
  • ​We’ll also give you our coaching program template pack, just slot in your info into these templates and you’ll be able to create a coaching program which is massively compelling while being designed to impact and inspire your clients.
  • ​You’ll get our prospect-to-client script.

    If you use this script at the end of your introduction sessions, you’ll be smoothly transitioning into getting your clients to sign up for your long-term paid coaching.
  • ​I’m also going to show you my financial flow blueprint.

    This blueprint will show you all of the ‘financial flows’ of a successful coaching business. That way you can see instantly what you’ll need to implement, and what you’ll need to ditch in your own coaching business.
  • ​In the final module (Module 22) I’m going to give you the most valuable discovery we’ve come across in our 4 years of training coaches.

    This module is going to show you how we bring our clients in, regularly, predictably, and consistently.

    After you understand how we’ve set this up, you can take the same blueprint, and apply it for yourself.

    So after you’ve set up this module, you can switch your focus back to coaching your clients, knowing that you’re constantly getting clients ‘sent’ to you.

You’ll get these modules, and SO much more.

For a few years, we used to sell this program for $950 (because if you apply the module 22, you’ll easily get this back within 7 days).

But I wanted to do something special.

I thought about selling it for $497… or even $297…

But then, almost as a joke, one of my trainers said I should just “give it away” at just $97…

And that’s when it hit me... I shouldn’t just give it away at $97…

I Should Just Give It Away!

What better way could I start a relationship with YOU, then give you one of our very best products.

But I have to warn you… This offer is not going to be available forever.

Right now we’re making the program for free, but there is no telling when we will start charging for it again.

So here’s what you’ll need to do next...

Just click the button below, type in your details, and make sure you enter the email address that you want your login details to be sent to.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll get an email, opening up access to LaunchPad.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering... THERE IS NO CATCH!

I know some programs out there, “start” by offering you a great deal on something, but then stick you in some ‘continuity program’ that charges you at the end of each month.

This is not one of them.

There is no hidden continuity fee, or membership program you HAVE to pay for to get access.

There also isn’t an ‘upsell’ after you register.

I’m literally setting you up with this program, as a means of starting our new relationship together.

Time IS of the essence.

Here’s why…

I’ve Set My System To Only Accept 100 New Coaches In, As A Test...

It’s set up and ready to go immediately.

In all likelihood, these spots will get taken up within 5 days.

The last time I did something like this, I was literally sold out in less than a week (and the product wasn’t even 1/2 as cool as this one).

So yes… You really are getting LaunchPad for FREE.

But spaces are very limited, so you’ll need to claim your copy now.

Once we’ve hit 100 new coaches, we may close the offer. I’m not sure if I’ll be opening it up again.

This is truly a limited time offer, so register for LaunchPad before they’re all gone.

And if you need a little more “convincing” check out what Chris Howard said about the program:

Yes, as I said, these modules are based on the REAL tests, done in dozens of coaching niches with multiple different methods to create the result.

And, as a special gift, I threw in 2 bonus modules to help PUSH you over the edge.

  • ​Firstly I’m going to actually give you a one-on-one exclusive interview I did with Chris Howard on how he started, rose the ranks, to eventually become one of the world-leading authorities in NLP, speaking on a stage regularly to 5000+ people.

    It’s in an MP3 format, so just load it on your phone and listen to it in the car. It will show you exactly the road you need to take to achieve success in your coaching business.

  • ​Secondly, I’m going to give you access to a series of case studies on how we turned clients from just starting out, to building a thriving practice, becoming best selling authors, and getting featured in the media, so you’ll know the exact steps you’d need to take to do the same.

Yes, you’ll get ALL of that free, as a means of starting our relationship together.

Sound fair?

Awesome, then click the button below and fill out the form, and let me know where you want me to send your logins for your program

And If You Don’t Sign Up And Get This Special Free

  • ​You're going to have to figure out the ‘business of coaching’ by yourself.
  • ​You’re coaching practice will probably stay the same.
  • ​The amount of clients your getting will likely stay the same.
  • ​And probably the worst of all, the impact you’ll have in the world will stay the same.

So, if you’re 100% happy with where you are, then this probably isn’t for you.

But if you’re like me, then coaching brings you to life, living and breathing transformation is what I love.

Imagine if you were able to set up your coaching business on the right foot. With an edge that no other coach would have.

This is the edge you’ll need.

It’s been proven to take coaching businesses that barely have a heartbeat, and bring them to life.

And it’s been proven to accelerate the learning curve new coaches face to a tiny fraction of the time spent.

And now we can do the same thing for you, right now.

But you’ve got to make that choice.

You have to take the next step.

So click the button below and fill out the form, and tell me where to set up your program.


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